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@talecia me and @treydeelovestrey are rooming together

On: Nov 14, 2011

Love the idea :)

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On: Nov 12, 2011


Replied To: whoop !!! ()
On: Nov 11, 2011

Did anyone preorder yet?

Replied To: New Mixtapes ()
On: Nov 11, 2011

LOL i now bump Dont Judge like its nothing. I love that song lol, I could see myself playing that in a car, tryna get a dude to do what i want him to do. SMH at myself. Lol I am basically loving all anticipation except for on track. And i LOVE LOVE LOVE Nighmares at the bottom and Headlines lol OH and Jackin 4 Beats too

Replied To: New Mixtapes ()
On: Nov 11, 2011
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Yuuuup ^.^
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