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That's what I'm waiting for too hopefully they go in sale this week or at least next week

On: Oct 23, 2012
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On: Aug 08, 2011
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On: Mar 04, 2011

I think its a great idea..that will be cool follow me @trey4biddenfruit please

On: Dec 30, 2010
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My name is ShaneQua Benson and 23yrs old im going to school to become nurse. I am such a big Trey songz fan...I try not to go over board but it will make me so happy if i could just have one conversation with trey songz that would really make my day...i know that he has plenty of fans and its hard to talk to all of them but i cant wait until i get my moment... lol. My first time meeting trey was at best buy the Dec 2 he looked so sexy. I wish I had the chance to actually talk to him and introduce myself but as always it was so hectic n u know his bodyguard wasn't gonna let that happen. hopefully soon God will bless me to see his beautiful creation once again.
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my birthday is Oct 23, 1989