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August 31

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The names Bre'Auna or Bre. My bday is Dec 6 so imma Sagittarius cuz I ain't goin by that new sign thing lol. My fave color is Purple and I also like Black cuz I think its sexy lol. I am in school for Political Science and I want to be a lawyer. I like Trey Songz OF COURSE haha I haven't met him YET but I have faith I will one day. I got mad love for him I think he is an incredible artist which is why I chose to be an angel 0:) I also like Tinkerbell lol (I still have a childlike side but I'm not childish lol) I love my fam particularly my mommy and gma. I have a tight circle cuz I'm not one for the drama. Good sense of humor, energetic, and strong willed.(not stubborn ;)) Angel NN:#SavvyAngel ;)
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