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love this video... nothing but laughs. LMfaoo @ Stevie J. Trey baby you look so damn sexy luv you baby. Shout out to da 305. Why wasn't back home when this was shot... :(

On: Oct 24, 2012

Me too!!!!!! I've cheezin all day long! Which section are you in??

On: Oct 18, 2012

Thanks! Let's hope so. :(

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On: Oct 18, 2012

Hey fellow Angel! So I recently became and Angel. I have acess to the angels website but haven't received my Angela package in the mail... Does this have anything to do with activating my membership ? Will I get an email tomorrow ? Do they send it out like a couple hours before they go on sale and where do you go to buy them online? Please help me figure this out! Thank you ANGEL!! :)

Replied To: Upcoming Pre-sales ()
On: Oct 17, 2012

Hey I'm an angel too!! Did they send you an email giving you a code?? Help me, I'm freaking out!

On: Oct 17, 2012
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I'm 26, currently live in Brooklyn but was born and raised in Miami. My passion is to draw and sew. I would like to be a women's designer for a label one day. (soon) Another one of my hobbies is to take photographs and dance. I dance to pretty much anything but, ultimately love Dancehall. Trey Songs has truly captivated my attention because of his music and self motivation and even though I have never had the privilege to meet Trey I feel like he is a humble person at heart that remembers were he came from and how hard it was for him to accomplished everything he has today. His music really helps me stay focus and motivates me to keep trying and I can always count on him to make my bad day a good one. PS- And of course I think he's super Hottt Love You Trey! <3
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Trey Songz!!!!!! and then.... Drake, The Beatles, The XX, Rhianna, Outkast, once upon a time-> NSYNC.
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