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November 12

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November 11

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  • So every time I talk to my friends about Trey and his music the first thing that comes to their mind is the fact that he always sings about sex,which I can say IS A LIE.I've been listening to Trey

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I'm from Jamaica I'm now 18 years old *yay* I was born on November 11,1995 I'm down to earth,easy going I pretty much don't care about the bling and the fame cause all of that is a distraction. I'm not all that girly *I hate anything too girly*,I love anything and anyone who loves me back,I believe in second chances and this is probably my fifth time joining this thing lolz i forgot my other names....well ask me anything don't be shy :)
May Pen
I love to drive my dad's car,play video games *mainly all the grand theft auto*,spending time with my niece and nephew, rep parties,use virtual dj 7 and anything else....jus ask :)
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Bob Marley and The Wailers,Linkin Park,Slip Knot ...etc
Lydia Lenora Samuels
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send me some love :)
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