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I have a question.? I'm in Dallas but I was wondering how do I go about getting tickets for the M&G.? This is my first Trey Songz concert ever so I'm new at how all this works.? Any help would be great..Thanks in advance ^_^

On: Nov 26, 2012

My heart & prayers go out to her family. So sad that she died so young tho :( I found out on twitter & i just got sad immediately ... R.I.P Danielle

On: Apr 23, 2012

***Whoop Whoop Texas Angel Right Here :)*** Omg I feel you. I've never met him either, but congrats to the Angels who have. But in like 2007 I came really close ... but not close enough lol. But it would be nice just to meet him at least once. I still have hope tho lol

On: Apr 23, 2012

Hey my Angel Sisters.!!! My twitter name is @TreysSASSYAngel.! I always follow back, just mention me so I'll know.! Mwahh.!

On: Apr 23, 2012

Omg that is too cute. Honestly I've always wanted one, but like you, I got A LOT of negative comments about it. But oh well ... Ima get it anyway :)) That's hot girlie.!!!

On: Apr 23, 2012
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Hi everyone *waves* lol. My name is Ebony but I go by Ebby. I'm 21 y.o. & a HUUUGGGEEE Trey Songz fan, & its been that way for years.! I became a Treys Angel a couple months ago (yess I'm a newbie hehe) far so good.!! I swear I can go on & on about my love & appreciation for Trey & all the good things he's done, but I don't wanna bore anyone :)) so I guess that's it..!! Xoxoxo Treys Angel Ebby *Mwahh*
*Working out (when I'm not being lazy lol) *Listening to music *Watching movies *Doing hair (mostly mine lol)
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