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Elysse Hartnett


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December 29

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  • Its my 18th birthday and i really really really really really wish trey songz would wish me a happy birthday it would mean so much to me i love him so much man :-( ive been tweeting him all day :-/

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December 23

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#vitalangel Im always laughing and smiling, perky, bubbly, Positivity is the key honey beee My favorite colors are Hawt Pink & cheetahlicious :-* you always here me say "omg this is my jam" (gets up and starts dancing) iiim from where its forever sunny :-D !! Cali girl Little girl , big HART Life style of the rich and famous :-* iii love cheering i dance my hart out im not the one to complain but i do express things in my dancing :-) iii love golfing Nursing Major, iii attend Mount St. Marys College Respect me , ill respect you love me and i love u hate me ill love you iii ♥ Tremaine Aldon Neverson iii met trey November 18, 2010 #angel December 23, 2010 christmass gift to meee =]
Los Angeles
United States
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