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June 19

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March 26

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  • In Trey's "Sex Ain't better Than Love" video- was it just me or did yall notice Kim Kardashian was in it?? =/

    If someone could clarify, please.

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February 23

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February 14

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January 22

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January 10

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  • Does anyone know if Trey will have a meet and greet at his concerts, specially his concert in Cleveland Ohio?? Does he usually have meet and greets?

    Please let me know =)

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January 5

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January 1

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  • Just wanted to wish all of you a blessed, healthy, and happy new year!  Enjoy life and make this year the best for you =)


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Hi I'm Emily. :) My Official Angel nickname is #HeartThrobAngel. I'm 16 and a sophmore in highschool. I'm still trying to decide what I want to do in life. Music is very important to me. It's impossible for me to live without it! Obviously, I love Trey Songz with all my heart! :) His music is inspirational, powerful, and completely amazing. Trey gets me through some really rough days. I will love and support Tremaine everyday of my life. He means more to me than words can describe. ♥ I'm still relativley new to Trey's Angels so I'd love to get to know some of yall on here(: I'm so proud to call myself Trey's Angel. <3 #TreysAngelForLife xo Twitter: @SongzSweetheart
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