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I like to call things like this mini Angels With Heart missions. What a wonderful thing you did. I will keep her in my prayers that she continues on a positive path.

Replied To: I gave Trey Away ()
On: Jan 25, 2013

Yeah the shipping company is slow. Took a while for mine to come. You will get it when you least expect it.

Replied To: Angel Welcoming Package ()
On: Dec 29, 2012

Citi Trendz. If you don't have one in your city, you can go to

Replied To: Chapter V Apparel ()
On: Oct 27, 2012

The PPP Tour was my first time seeing Trey perform live. I went to the concert here in St. Louis, MO at the Fox Theater. I took my cousin with me that night. The way he performed Neighbors Know My Name from the vocals to how the instrumentals were arranged were amazing. After the show it was winding and pouring down rain. A night I will always remember.

Replied To: Today in Trey History (Blog)
On: Aug 06, 2012

So you know how when you look in a woman's closet, you see her shoe collection, right. What is the item(s) could I find an abundance of when opening your closet?

Replied To: Submit your questions for Trey (Blog)
On: Jul 03, 2012
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