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I went to see PPP tour in Philly (Upper Darby PA Tower Theater) this was the first show out of 10 I'd been to that only took me 5 min to get to because I just move to the area. Best part of the show was when Trey came to the side of the stage where I was and made eye contact with me............and yes I know he look my way cause I was in 7th row in white!!

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On: Aug 06, 2012

I'll be there on the floor YYYAAAYYYYYY So where my PHILLY angels attt!!!!!!!
Follow me @promobkbarbie :-))))

On: Nov 30, 2010
On: Sep 27, 2010

@SShorty that true i don't have a 13yrs old but I would hate to have to over their eyes on certain things :-)

Replied To: OMG tour ()
On: Sep 27, 2010

@iamNisha That sound good or have a sound check party like he did last time he was in Philly.

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On: Sep 24, 2010
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