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Trey is the best performer in the world!! I <3 u, Trey! :* Ur best BIGGEST FAN from the city of TORONTO, CANADA aka T-DOT! Can't wait 4 u 2 come back here so I could see u preform again!!! Ur the BEST!!!

Replied To: Trey Songz in Miami! [Video] (Blog)
On: Apr 14, 2013

Trey, I love this song! U keep on killin' it, son! Keep up the good work, sexy! :*

On: Mar 25, 2013

I love this video, its very funny! :D Kevin Hart kills me!

On: Oct 05, 2012
Replied To: Wonder Woman (Video)
On: Feb 03, 2012
On: Feb 03, 2012
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Monifa aka Mo'Money
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Hi there, my name is Monifa aka Mo'Money from Toronto aka the t-dot reppin' my hood, "Jungle City!" About myself: I'm 29 years old... Jamaican Black mix with Chinese & Indian.... very smooth sexy caramel brown complexion...5'4...120 lbs...very petite slim fit figure...very attractive with a cute face & small waist... very friendly & down to earth...single...very independent. I have dark brown sexy Chinese eyes...short black hair...4 belly ring. What I like to do for fun is mostly just chill @ home & watch tv or hang out with my girls & sometimes with family. I sometimes go shopping with my girls or to get hair and nails done...I love to cook Jamaican West Indian men. I also try to give back to my community by volunteering as a youth worker going around different neighborhoods with the police teaching the younger youths about guns and gangs violence... going to school to study to become a case youth worker so that I could open up my own youth center one day.
dancing music trey songs (LOL) shopping with my girls cooking
Monifa Davis Bennett aka Mo'Money
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