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I don't wanna meet Trey Songz... I wanna meet Tremaine Neverson!<3 Come to England please!
Milton Keynes, London
I lovee music and I love writing songs and singing and acting :)
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1) TREY SONGZ! 2) Drake 3) TREY SONGZ 4) Beyonce 5) errrm TREY SONGZ 6) Nicki Minaj 7) ...TREY SONGZ 8) Chris Brown 9) well... TREY SONGZ! 10) anndddd errr... TREY SONGZ!! Lol
United Kingdom
My name is Stephanie and I LOVE TREY SONGZ!!!
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Steph_SkittlesM That's my twitter, Follow me! :P
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Yes Please! I'd love that!
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I wish Trey would come to the UK I miss him :(

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I need to get tickets to one of his concerts reaaaaal quick 'I Gotta Make It' before he leaves! I wish everyday was 'Trey Day' because I just LOVE Treeeeeyy! 'Whoop!' I love Trey because he was 'Ready' to take risks in his music and show the 'Passion, Pain & Pleasure' aspects of life. Now it's 'Chapter V' and I gotta get me that ALBUM! 'Yuup' I do! Lol