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I strongly believes he wants to have a relationship but some delusional fans won't let it happen. I pray it happens soon in fact I hate the fact that he has no gal friend he's at that age where he needs one. I do also think that if He has a gal it's gonna be private b'se of the above factor which ain't good coz he will end up being unhappy and in unstable relationships

Replied To: Im So Confused!!!!!! ()
On: Feb 06, 2012

I actually told them about yours and they are interested in joining u. Basically Angel trip to US to meet up with Angels and all Want to go LA. They also Want to go to the movie premier but not sure if it will be possible. The main reason I like yo trip is coz yo doing a mission and it would be great if we joined u.

On: Dec 02, 2011

@TALECIAW am interested is it the same as Angels in Cali trip the uk angels are organizing? That would be great am already saving for my air ticket

On: Dec 01, 2011

Yuuuup & only £3 unbelievable felt like I was there too better than the last I been to. U right they should make a DVD for sale.

Replied To: Live Concert ()
On: Nov 26, 2011

Watched it via stage it AMAZING I felt like I was there it just made me realize that I have to make some changes in my priorities.

On: Nov 26, 2011
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