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Not a Chicago Angel but this Ohio Angel will be in town for the show =)
I'm also bringing two friends (non Angels) but they love & support Trey as well
Let me know I'm definitely down to help with anything I can =)

Replied To: Chicago Angels Wassup?? ()
On: Oct 11, 2012

Once I find out dates, if I'm free I'm down!

On: Sep 30, 2012

I ordered merchandise from the store and it put the wrong shipping & billing address. I sent the e-mail but now it's not even showing up I even purchased anything. I'm confused because my credit card has been charged but no order shows up under my account on the website

On: Sep 18, 2012

hit me up on Twitter @AYE_itsNAE =)

On: Sep 08, 2012

yay! once we have some dates we can work on that =)

On: Sep 06, 2012
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Yes =)