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I have been patiently waiting for my chance to become an Official Trey's Angel for a minute and I'm starting to wonder if it's ever gonna happen. I admit for some reason I procrastinated on joining but take the option away it too much even if only "temporarily." Please let us know via some form of social media "what da bidness gon be?" Seriously! Thanks a Treyllion

On: Apr 22, 2013

Ikr! I've been waiting sooooo patiently ever since they said he would appear. How did I miss it??? Well I'm not gone miss the "Fumble" video premier on on 3/11/13 or Trey on Ellen this that! LOVE ME SOME TREY....WOULD LOVE TO BE IN LOVE WITH TREMAINE.

On: Mar 09, 2013

Soooo unfair I bought the TAN App and now you leave the Android operating system out of the updates. Please re-include it, not everyone has an iPhone/iPad. Thanks

On: Feb 19, 2013

I would like to know if the Trey's Angel t-shirt will be available in other colors? Maybe pink(light&dark), turquoise/teal, grey/charcoal, red and so on. Also a good idea for the AWH foundation too...hint hint. Why stop there! Angel's ladies lingerie, jewelry:watches,earrings,rings the possibilities are endless. Anything with Trey's name on it for the ladies would be in high demand...sell out and be on back order like it's a new iPhone!!

On: Jan 11, 2013

Wishing u the best..... Happy Happy 28th Birthday Tremaine "Panty Wetter" Neverson. Continue to work hard as a Man, Businessman, Entreprenuer, Singer, Songwriter, Artist and may all of your dreams/endeavors continue to come to fruition and prosper. Oh and "TRY" to get some WELL DESERVED REST/RELAXATION/SLEEP!!!! Much love and adoration, J-Alisha

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On: Nov 28, 2012
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