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On: Sep 14, 2010
On: Sep 14, 2010
On: Sep 07, 2010
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well, my name is Javian but i've been kinda feeling my internet- facebook,twitter,u-stream and name "JustJavian" cause i can only be me- i just recently saw, the unpredictable,unforgettable, most elite& talented man in the r&b industry i believe one Sunday ago at the Verizon Theater along with the most elite and glamorous Monica, they rocked it, and i was crying, they had to go down and get me a oxygen bag, lol i know right, but im SUCCHHHHH a huge fan of Aldon's and i showed it true enough, by getting the same tattoo he has located on his fore-arm ! I feel that we have such a connection,&& i think he know's about me even though he don't ! have anybody ever felt like that, but yeah his mother was highschool mother, and so was mine, there's many connections that i could go on, and on, about but i only have 166 characters remaining, so i'll stop, but i love you so much Tremaine & April Tucker if it wasn't for you he wouldn't be here !!! THANKSSS
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