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hey ! lol I'm still learning myself , I've only been able to follow those i see on the trend page :-/

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On: Nov 18, 2012

lol right ! but i JUST was able to get the site to work & meet/greet is $449.50 lol is that bad ?

On: Oct 18, 2012

Heeey ! & I know right ? I mean I love me some trey but those meet & greet tickets HAVE to be affordable lol

On: Oct 18, 2012

ooooh i hope so ! this will be my first time seeing Trey live & i wanna do meet & greet sooo bad ! lol thank you !

On: Oct 18, 2012

I'm super excited ! I missed him the last time he came to the Bay Area but I refuse to miss him again ! I just hope the tickets are at a reasonable price !

On: Sep 14, 2012
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