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Trey performed this at Essence... has the full video***EXCLUSIVE***

On: Jul 08, 2012

***FULL PERFORMANCE** Exclusive BRAND NEW TreySongz Live Performance at 2012 Essence Festival - via

On: Jul 08, 2012

yaaasss...i just visualized the angel logo on a back pocket...white would be the ultimate...but i can also see dark denim with gold logo as well....or black....dark and white

Replied To: ANGEL JEANS ()
On: Jul 23, 2011

funny thing is...they actually went up 1 size from last year, but the shirts are waay smaller...I have a few of the shirts, I just don't wear them, i guess they'll forever be memorabillia in my Trey shrine, unless, of course, I lose weight and they fit perfectly... Maybe he tryna tell us to lose some damn weight! LOL. luv ya Trey

Replied To: PLUS SIZE ANGELS!!!!!!!! ()
On: Jan 19, 2011
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