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I willbe there!!!!! 103 row B 1-2

On: Nov 17, 2012

i doubt it because the dates are so close together

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On: Nov 14, 2012

expect a genuinely down to earth guy, make sure to calm yo nerves before u go in somyou are able to talk to him...he actually likes that

On: Oct 22, 2012

they just send it to u, but u can email and ask about it

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On: Sep 16, 2012

truly love the album, I have even went back and played Chapter I up to Chapter V, and I feel that it is a combinations of the sounds from the previous four put in one. I am extremely excited that Trigga made this album, since the last time Trigga appeared on an album was Trey Day, which to this day is still my favorite even though Chapter V is pulling for that spot. I can also hear the maturity in Trey's voice and the experiences he has gone through. It warms my heart when somebody, who is not a fan, tells me that they actually listened to it b/c of me and it is really a 'DOPE" album and that is it really music and how it's not all about sex as they thought. The 2 years in took to make this album was well worth it because it is truly a masterpiece!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF TREY AND THANKFUL FOR BRING THIS MUSIC INTO MY LIFE b/c i have felt a musical disconnect with all the pop, rap, and techno on the radio, So thanks again for this R&B.

in this order, I will do top V... Almost Lose It, Without A Woman, Pretty Girls Lie, Playin Hard, Fumble...whew that was hard :)

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On: Sep 12, 2012's picture
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