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I love the video.. An I also love the person he picked to be in his video. She doesn't look all model type or made up. And omg! He was in my home town.. So sad didn't get to meet him. Maybe next time

On: Nov 21, 2012

Hello..i was wondering if the angels could have a mobile app to log into the web site thru..maybe make it look like a purple background an white angel or close to it? A thought for a quicker log in ..thanks

On: Oct 27, 2012

Sounds like it might be an interesting book

Replied To: FRENCH KISS ()
On: Oct 27, 2012

I still think you should go to his show. I think alot of his people get on his page or maybe like the other angels stated I might have been his page. Maybe you might be able to speak to him at a meet an greet about the situation. Are u still going to power house 30.??

On: Oct 21, 2012

I'm sorry..wanted to make a corretion
When i said maybe a bus ride.I know its a long ride..So it will be on a party bus ladies if anybody is intrested

On: Oct 04, 2012
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