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He almost always does after party's and club appearances when he's down, information about that usually is released a lot nearer the time, but he will definitely do them, Meet and greet packages go on sale soon for £185 pp. Or you can just try your luck at the clubs/venues he appears at. Good luck & enjoy yourself :)

On: Sep 27, 2012

I know that probably what I say is going to sound cliche...but I guess the reason I am your biggest fan is because of you. If you weren't the person you were it'd be different, I was introduced to you years back by my elder brother, and even then being young, I recognised such a undenying talent. Watching you grow from chapter to chapter has been a pleasure, never the less an honour. I first saw you back in June 2010 your first solo tour of the UK..the whole way through I had butterflies..I then next saw you when you toured noticed me waving my wings in the air...I burst out crying, I had never felt so.. Special. The last time I saw you was April 23rd 2011, you picked my pick me sign out of the crowd, and asked your angels to go backstage after the show, that's when my biggest accomplishment came, I burst out into song...singing on top to you, you sung it back to me.. That short encounter that we had, I remember word for word and I promise, it changed me inside :) you have supplied me it's the motivation and effort to believe in myself. I have then gone on to enter myself in various competitions..and I'm soon ready to show my voice. You supplied me with the confidence to do that, and for that I thank you. Ou then went on to talk about what happened in a radio interview.. In those few days, I had experienced a whole new level of happiness and the feeling I felt throughout that time I will keep with me. You taught me that.Feeling the music is just as important as hearing it, and I have never sung without my heart since. I may not be able to hire out billboards to promote you, I may not be able to attend every club you appear in..every show you perform every city as much as I wish I could, but I can promise you that I will continue to represent you wherever I can! I will always remain an #ANGEL :) I couldn't get tickets to hackney, I'm not 18 so couldn't get into the clubs when you recently visited. Thank you for everything trey :) @oliviaaayuuup

On: Aug 07, 2012
On: Oct 05, 2011
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On: Sep 08, 2011
On: Jun 15, 2011
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