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And do u guys also have differ packages of trey beside da welcome one? Or how I go bout purchasing more stuff of trey? And is trey ever gonna have concerts in jerseyshore or at least atlantic city?? Thankyou,, I'll b waitin for ur answers soon

On: Sep 17, 2012

Hey,, I'm Lala. I just recently became a new angel and I received my packaged not too long ago.I must say I'm very happy. Now I haven't been on da site in while. I was wondering how I go bout fixin my profile and puttin a pic.Or to c any of treys pics I'm just can't figure it out. Lol. And something I get cut off from da site. Is it bcus I go on it on my iPod?

On: Sep 17, 2012

Laura Martinez

On: Sep 17, 2012

Hi I'm Lala and one of treys new angels. I'm def interested on signin up for da petition but questioning where to go bout dat. Or who I gotta talk to? Also I wana personalize my profile but I'm havin trouble.. So someone help Plz .. I'm new and I def need a lil help. I'm so crazy over trey. So I'm down.

On: Sep 17, 2012

Hey I'm from new jersey.. I'm interested. Wut u gotta do or go bout.. I'm interested in more ur info

On: Sep 04, 2012
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Laura Martinez
Listen to music , shopping , being wit my daughters, watching movies and clubbing/bars
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Bands? Hmmm. Well let see def my baby Trey Songz Linkin park, black eye peas, Wen it comes down to singers and rappers, drake, Nikki manij, kc and lot more
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