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@Samantha Davis I really hope you get yours as well and thank you my friend really wants hers its long overdue over a year already. I have 2 memberships and didn't have a problem with neither order.

On: Nov 09, 2011

It was about 4 weeks b4 I received my packages both times.....

On: Nov 08, 2011

@MEXATIVEMAMI85 Thanks for replyin and my friend has DM(ed) Trey several times but he never replied. I will check and see if I can find my email and give it to her because she has nothin. Thanks again.

On: Nov 07, 2011

I really didn't know this was goin on like this @BABYGURLSONGZ28 hopefully some1 will help us....SMDH.....people we need HELP HERE.

On: Nov 07, 2011

Okay this is really gettin to become very disappointing writing you guyz and tryin to this matter solved. I'm part of this Trey's Angel movement and I love Trey and never had a problem with this movement until this. I've taken all kinds of avenues Thin tryin to solve this but I can't seen to get to the bottom of it. It has been over a year and its still the same NO MEMBERSHIP. The monies have been paid but still nothin. asked my friend to email her and she did so and was told that another membership was goin to be mailed out and was suppose to provide her with the trackin number so she could track the package. NONE of that was provided and the MEMBERSHIP PACKET NEVER CAME. She so wants to become a Trey's Angel and is doin everything in her power to become 1. She has DM(ed) several times through twitter and I've sent him messages on facebook. Trey will be in Nigeria soon and she wants to represent and show her love for him. She has done what was needed to become an Angel so why isn't she and why won't ANYONE HELP HER. Getting this matter solved will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE.

On: Nov 07, 2011
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