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On: Dec 26, 2013

Damn tremaine help me stretch out any day lol jk but keep that fire ass music coming love

On: Dec 26, 2013

Keep up the great work tremaine you are truely my shinning star baby♥♥

On: Dec 26, 2013


Replied To: Chapter V World Tour: Episode 1 (Video)
On: Dec 26, 2013

MmmmmHmmmm dive in with satisfaction guranteed when I do settle down my man better put it down for real because the love and sex have to be A+ baby lbvs love it tremaine

On: Dec 26, 2013
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Marquice Smith
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Behind this Beautiful face no one knows my story I remain with a smile with hidden stories I walk and chew bubble gum because life is freely given I'm a silent untold legend I love music its my life I can't live without it which is apart of me I'm Chitown Bound born and raised I love my city I stay downtown I like meeting new people its a part of life I'm currently going to College for my associates degree in Business so I can further my office admistration diploma I am certified in that I completed in L.A in 08 I am very down to earth very blunt I speak my mind and how I feel any means possible I'm cool very funny to be around laid back most of my time be with my family and school my life get boring at times because I'm single by choice with no kids I want to get married and have a family when my soulmate and companion finds me and sweep me off my feet I love my self to much in so many ways and forms but yeah I am one of trey angels off the Angels Network I support him completely he is a great wonderful guy you got to love him if you haven't heard his new record song NA'NA go check it out I cant stop shaking my booty to that song if you want to know more about me get at me dont be shy or scared co e talk to yo girl CHITOWN IN THIS BIIIIITCH BRRRRR♥free land line # (312)698-4650 cell (630)696-0845
Basketball, ping pong, jumprope, running, volleyball, bikeriding, pool, bowling, jazz music,swimming,singing, rapping,dancing, yoga,skating, videogames, sports, cardgames,massages, cooking, cleaning, shopping etc
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Tremaine Neverson I love the Angels network its amazing
United States
Marquice Smith I am a Aquarius that does everything under the sun including water its our nature ;)
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My birthday coming up soon January 22, 1987 i will be 27 show your girl lots of heavy love tremaine aldon neverson my nicca 4life ♥♥♥