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Ahh, those who are going, have fun but be safe. Wish I could attend.

On: Feb 16, 2013

Trey only has one page which is the like page, Trey Songz. If he has another FB, only his family knows. A better way to chat with Trey is on twitter @TreySongz. Just letting you know so you don't have to keep asking the fake page.

On: Dec 29, 2012

My seat --> FLR C, row 3, seat 9

Replied To: LA/MS Angels ()
On: Dec 19, 2012

Welcome :)

Replied To: Im officially an Angel!! ()
On: Dec 09, 2012

Welcome to the Fam, Angel :)

Replied To: Officialy a Trey's angel ()
On: Dec 09, 2012
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First off, my name is Ashley. Trey's #RefreshinAngel with such a big heart. 22. College Student [Education is the key to success]. Music/Dance is my ♥. Major Fan of Trey Songz since his 1st Hit single "Gotta Make It" & still supporting him til the end! Picture proves it :) Met Tremaine Neverson once & soon to meet him again :) He's one of the best artists & he is also very passionate of what he does. Stay Blessed Trey! I love you Trigga!!! Follow Me: @MsAshleyBabii Angels
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