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This video is sum I don't like it but trey look cute

Replied To: Drake's HYFR Video (Blog)
On: Apr 11, 2012

The little girl almost made me cry awwwwwww trey I love the video well done

Replied To: A Fan's Love [Video] (Blog)
On: Mar 22, 2012

Thanks love anytime you are ever in the tri-state area look me up I rather show you better then I can tell you.

On: Mar 21, 2012

At the end of the day you have good Angels and Bad angels you already kno who your bad angels are so stay far away from them I kno u are shy when I started I didn't kno any of the Angels in NJ so I went to NYC and I got to meet some angels who I love some who I keep far away but we all come together for trey I have one angel who I go everywhere with you see me you see her and trey call us trouble one and two lol but he kno us by our faces but I'm just saying just get one angels sister you can link up with and you will be fine or go by yourself even thought I hang out with one angels all the time I make sure I call my other sisters and check on them to see if they need me or what the plan for the next mission but if u don't have no angel sister then I'll be your sister cuz I care and I don't want you to stop being a angel becuz of them

On: Mar 20, 2012

Hey love I'm sorry that happen to you but you have to understand you are dealing with a bunch of women who want to sleep with trey have his babies the whole nine yards lmao that's crazy but don't stop being a angel becuz of them becuz that's what they want you to do less angels more time they get to spend with him let me tell you something Trey love his Angels he light up when he see us and trust me I would kno first hand but that story is for another time you have Angels all over who don't act like that forget them chick heads lmao maybe you look better then them and they are jealous of you Always Remember one thing you didn't join treys angels for them you are doing this for Trey so keep being a Angel support him cuz he see everything always remember whatever trey do for you keep it to yourself don't tell nobody I have stories but nobody kno my twitter is @sexynene2007 I'm a jersey angel all day everyday

On: Mar 20, 2012
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