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Well, My name is Nicki,I prefer for people to call me Nicki. My birthday is on Valentines Day and Im 17 years old about to be 18. I go to Suitland High School im in the 12th grade. ❤❤Trey Songz Is My UP MOST Favorite R&B Artist out of Everybody, I love him to death, and everyone that knows me knows that that's my baby and no one can tell me otherwise. Words cant explain on how much of a Trey fan I am, if someone was to ask me what my favorite song is by him I couldn't choose because I love all of his songs there not one I don't like but I hope that one day I can meet Trey personally one day. I honestly just want to know Tremaine not Trey Songz.❤❤
District Heights
United States
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