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I think an amazing valentine's day would be doing just the simple things like spending the whole day relaxing with my boyfriend at a beautiful and peaceful setting like the beach. At night have a candle light dinner underneath the stars and listen to some music. I really don't stress over the gift exchanging unless we both agree we want to do that then we will but overall its about the time we spend together is what is most important to me.

On: Feb 13, 2013

You can see it on the TAN app under Trey's post

On: Dec 03, 2012

I love it! I love the artwork as well very creative.

On: Aug 04, 2012

Every time I see this picture I can help but smile, I had so much fun. It was a great experience that I will never forget. Thank You Trey and Trey's Angels for the great opportunity! :-)

Replied To: Trey Songz Summer Playlist (Blog)
On: Jul 03, 2012

will you do any CD signings for Chapter V?

Replied To: Submit your questions for Trey (Blog)
On: Jul 03, 2012
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