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December 9

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November 23

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  • Just glad to get out of the house away from kids and spouse and work and bills and studying...I finally get to see him again.

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I'm one of Trey's Angels, #TimidAngel. I am a mother, wife (please add freak to that title), friend, college graduate (University of Texas--Longhorns!) and now returning BACK to school to be an accountant (keep your fingers crossed for me baby). I am extremely flexible and multi-tasked hard worker who can balance children, a man, work and school (but what good woman can't do that, right?) I'm just plain down to earth female who is always up for convo. I don't think more highly of myself as I'm one of God's Angels as well, so I'm already above the rest. I believe in love, family, and friendship. If I never get to meet Tremaine or get to know him personally and become more than friends with him, then I'd at least like to walk away from this experience knowing I made great friends in the end...Angels! How to contact TimdAngel: BBM pin 325B60E6 Yahoo: ninagallow Skype: ninagallow email: Twitter: @ninagallow Facebook:
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Jagged Edge, New Edition
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Nina Lanisha Gallow
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