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Proud owner of EVERYLAST ONE....ready for whatever is next!!! <3

Replied To: Trey Songz Catalog Sale! (Blog)
On: Mar 27, 2013

December 5!!!!!! Pre-sale should be this Thursday!!!!

Replied To: Chapter V Tour NY ()
On: Oct 16, 2012

Hey I'm a Jersey angel. I tend to go the events with the NY Angels along with other Jersey Angels. :)

Replied To: Jersey Angels? ()
On: Oct 09, 2012


On: Oct 09, 2012


On: Oct 07, 2012
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Selina Maria
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Author, Song Writer, Nurse, Entrepreneur, Single Mother. I Stand For Songz! Since he came out with his first album "I Gotta Make It"...watching him grow into an amazing young man, has inspired me to strive limitless-ly and tirelessly for success without exceptions. Though I am simply another "Angel" on this site; I desire to meet and interview the Legend & Brand that is "Trey Songz" and the man that is Tremaine! I always speak those things that be not as though they were; therefore I look forward to sitting down and sipping Green Tea while learning each intricate detail of the man that I have followed over the years. I am honored to be not only a Fan but an avid listener of your amazing craft. See, it is not about me, this site IS ALL ABOUT YOU, TREY SONGZ. I don't have any idea if you ever read this profiles yet I'm praying while taking a short break in your travels, you do. Continue to be blessed and encouraged and always keep God first. Peace, Love, & Serenity
New Jersey
Write poetry and buying shoes! music
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Trey Songz
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March 9 is my birthday <3