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When i see Trey I see a guy whom i probably crushed in High school, He was that one i knew i cudnt have ever, He loves his mom an every laady in his life as if they where all one, He is humble and if he speaks thru his lyrics like how we speak thru his lyrics he is very much my type from within his heart to the skin on his bones, the looks of his structure, is just magnificent. I do wonder a lot about him, not so much to put myself in the over obsessed, but enough to know I want to know Tremaine Neverson not just Trey. i feel something lies between us but Only God knows what it is, and if its ever meant to be known. <3

If he was coming over, I would probably cook something simple so i can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with him, Fajitas, but steak and chicken homemade with a side of spanish rice and some nice liquor after we eat, a lil 2 person party :)

On: Mar 02, 2013

No membership package, or contest package yet, wonder how long its gonna take?I see some angels that order last fall still ain't receive their membership package. I know it cant be that backed up. 8 weeks passed and that was the max we were giving, why? when its more than 8 weeks,hmmmmm

On: Mar 02, 2013

damn i dont think i did mines til JAN so i know for a fact I'm a be waiting forever

On: Feb 20, 2013

so we have to sign up for vip and the the fanclub seperately??

On: Feb 20, 2013

TY all on my behalf, I'm so excited, now just waiting for them to contact

On: Feb 20, 2013
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Hey everybody my name is Antoinette, but everyone calls me Toni. I was born in LBC moved to Detroit in 94'. I am currently attending school to be a Medical Administrative Assistant. Wasn't my first option, but I'm almost done so I'm happy about that. I love music it’s like my life. When I listen to music I put it in my heart and the words come off as me telling my feelings. Music is my relaxer and sometimes my energizer Of course. No kids, 26, I love video games, scary movies comedies; suspense depends on the mood of movie I’m in for. I’m an Aquarius, very friendly, semi outgoing that also depends. I LOVE TREY TREY TREY TREY. He is something else artist/friend/dream to me loll. I’m just rambling I can go on, he is a reason I smile even when I’m sad, mad just don’t want to be bothered. I just turn him on and chill. He makes my heart and face smile. I’m getting all mushy alright Angels hope to chat with some of you soon if I haven’t already.
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All are not favorites some i just jam too. :-D Trey(fav), Usher(fav), Chris(fav), Rihanna(fav), Beyonce(fav), Miguel(fav),Michael Jackson(fav), Janet Jaackson(fav), Elle Varner(fav), Whitney Houston (fav), Jaheim(fav), Tyrese (fav), Omarion, Paula DeAnda, Leona Lewis, JoJo, Drake, 2Chainz, Future Its so many Told Ya I love music xoxo
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