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Real Rnb forever


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Thats really sweet of you sista. Trey gained a awesome Angel!

On: Apr 17, 2013

Hey thank you for that response. I emailed member services and sadly they said they are not offering memberships at this time. I'm bummed but its real cool you took the time to answer when nobody else would. I look forward to being a Angel when the opportunity presents itself again.

On: Apr 17, 2013

How did you sign up? Me and a few other ladies are having trouble figuring out where on the website we go to sign up, and so far nobody has been kind enough to respond. Could you help us out please?

On: Apr 05, 2013

How do I sign up for Treys Angels? Somebody please help.

On: Apr 01, 2013

Thank you, I only wish he could see it, not so i can get a response, but so he know's how god is working through him.

On: Mar 13, 2013
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Real Rnb forever
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Determined to thank you in person one day......
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not a band, just One Man
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I dont want people following me everywhere who has time for that. lmao