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April 3

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April 2

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  • anybody else's heart starts fluttering when they hear trey's voice or think about him or am i the only one?

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wats up, my name is cindquetta but people call me quetta for short. im 20 years old and i got a good head on my shoulders. eventhough im young i still know how to treat a man and i know excatly what i want in a man as well. yes i am currently single but its only because i choose to be. im a shy kind hearted person who likes to have fun nd laugh. i treat people the way i want to be treated nd exspect people to do the same. im the type of person who wares their heart on their sleeve. so its esally broken. but i dont let it bring me down because i know that its someone out there for me. but enough about me i want to hear about yall. (but mostly trey)
reading, music, poetry, painting,and modling.
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none because the kind of music i listen to depends what kind of mood im in.
United States
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amazin quett
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