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I'm a 32 yr old black female with 3 kids and a Trey Songz fan. I got on this website to know more about him and when his next tour would be in Cali if ever he had 1. I'm honest and it can be brutal. My feeling is this your grown ass woman or man so I will talk to you like an adult. If you can't handle it then you can kick rocks. Metaphorically speaking. Confidant in every way, adventurous, and know what I like and want. Any further questions don't be afraid to ask. "HOLLA"!
Los Angeles
I like movies, music, praise dancing for my church and singing in the choir. My free time I like to go to dinner, amusement parks and sometimes just sit back and relax with a hot bath or shower. I love candles and soft music because it brings back how r&b used to be. I also love soft jazz and oldies.
Favorite Bands: 
Jagged Edge, SWV, Changing faces, R. Kelly, The stylistics, The Ohio Players, The Temptations, and many many more just can't think of them right now lol!
United States
Shanna, Ms. Sha-Sha, Ma! And "Its something about you!" lol!
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