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Chapter V is definitely an amazing album from beginning to end but my fav on the album have to be Check Me Out, Panty Wetter, Chapter V (full version), Fumble and Pretty Girls Lie...I'm pretty sure I can continue to name the entire album but I am going to stop there...This album definitely shows how much he has grown as an artist yet still manages to give his audience EVERYTHING that they want!!!

Replied To: Chapter V Review (Blog)
On: Sep 12, 2012

Aww sorry you didnt have a good experience..I didnt go to the signing Sat but from other Angels I heard it was Wal-Mart that was on some other ish...Trey always shows mad love to his fans so cant really say why he didnt let down the window but after signing cd's for hours pretty sure he could have just been tired he has been doing promo nonstop..I definitely wouldnt take it personal...Hope your next experience is better...

On: Aug 27, 2012

Good luck to all that entered!!

Replied To: Private Concert! (Blog)
On: Aug 25, 2012

So when are the winners for the ATL #skiptheline going to be posted??

On: Aug 25, 2012
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