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Here I am trying to do things out of my own pocket and I see some of the same angles on here like this really showing me really no one deserve it but a few....that's crazy. I know I really don't want my money going towards the wrong person

Replied To: Disrespecting Helen ()
On: Jan 21, 2012

man i don't know how you would feel but I had to tell the web crew about this. This is amazing and I can't wait till the next one comes out. God will bless you

On: Jan 07, 2012

Do they have any on sale now

Replied To: vip tickets ()
On: Jan 06, 2012

omg i stayed up all night catching up. I read all of DOES SHE KNow and caught up to this. im going to need for the other half to be posted....This is a good tv show waiting to happen n good book release ready to make millions.

On: Jan 06, 2012

Hello Web Crew, I dont know if you read this but....this is a book by pritTbrowniiz BestSellerAngel called Story - Made To Be Together the sequel to Does she know. It basically is a trey song fan fiction story but it really has alot of treys fan in tune. This girl is getting alot of feed back and everything from it. Your angels are really paying attention to it. I believe if trey was to read it and she his fans reactions he would make alot of money from this book. It's like one of them drama, romantic, and everything book. the books that girls read besides Zane. I really do think you guys should read it.

On: Jan 04, 2012
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