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I had the same problem, i joined last Christmas and it took a few months for it to arrive, i emailed the support i think it was but in the end my package did come dont worry :)

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On: Dec 28, 2012

wow reading all the comments below is amazing too see how much Trey affects people in a positive way, i probly dont have much of a chance but just like anyone it would mean the world to me! I remember hearing your first song and after that i was hooked, my ipod is full of your albums, mixtapes every song you have sang i have it, i love the fact your becoming so much more known in the UK like you deserve and its about time they started playing you more on the radio so much its fab! its amazing to see how far you have came, and how you have brought your family and fans with you and never forget them! not many other fans can say there fave replys and retweets them on twitter but you will never forget team Songz. im permantly singing and listening to your songs or mentioning you to someone, i reply to questions using your song lyrics and you have perfect lyrics for every mood im in.. i seen you live in Liverpool on the 23rd April 2011, my 17th birthday! and it was the best night of my life! i was counting down the days until i seen Trey not until it was my birthday! and every week month and the year after that it was my 'Trey Anniversary'. if i won this contest it would be Simply Amazing, id have a Heart Attack and be on Top Of The World. i dont go a day without listening to your music and most of all im proud to be an angel <3 x x x x

On: Aug 05, 2012
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Tasha Harris Tremaine Aldon Neverson is my f a v e. Trey Songz everything. Seen him live on the 23/4/2011.. just waiting for the day i get too meet him! #TEAMSONGZ!/TashaYUUP
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