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How'd the competition turn out?!? Still praying for you and your family.

On: May 22, 2012

@kisses831 - Probably his only Guam angel.

On: May 20, 2012

Happy Mother's Day.

Replied To: Happy Mother's Day ()
On: May 14, 2012

Just cast my vote... Good luck. Hope your mom wins. God bless.

On: May 05, 2012

Is it wrong that I feel the same way about Trey as all his devoted angels however I don't have a desire to meet him in person?!? I have it in my mind that he's human, a simple person doing extraordinary things. Don't get me wrong, I would go above and beyond to attend a concert but I truly have no desire to go above and beyond to meet him for a few minutes, get a hug and/or take a picture. Absolutely no disrespect to anyone who goes out of their way to meet him on more than one occasion, I am simply stating that I wouldn't do it nor would I 'hate' on anyone who would. I think I'd die a happy woman just knowing he loves his fans regardless if we've met.

On: Apr 22, 2012
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