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This video showed so much passion in different ways!! Trey's passion for his fans and the love he has for performing and traveling the world to make millions happy! Also the passion and the emotion he put into singing this song. Trey you are absolutely wonderful and I can't emphasize enough how happy you make us all!! You can do no wrong in my eyes. You have a lifetime supporter here forever!!! Loving you to pieces Trey!!

On: Mar 12, 2013

My Simply Amazing Valentine's Day would be an intimate day and night with just us two together with no phones, tv, or Internet. We would get lost in each other's presence!! Soft music, champagne, candles, and rose petals would surround us!! We would cook dinner together and feed each other and stare deep into each others' eyes. Then we would slow dance close to some dusties( Luther Vandross, Peabo Bryson,etc.) and reminisce on the day we met and when we fell in love!!! We would never let each other go, and we'd constantly say I love you and steal kisses from each other!! For dessert, we'll blindfold each other and feed each other chocolates! *sighs* After the chocolate fest we'd toast to our love!! That's a Simply Amazing Valentine's Day to me!!!=)

On: Feb 16, 2013

My fondest memory of being an angel was the Love Faces Tour in Chicago. The night before I met a lot of Chicago angels and traveling angels from all over who traveled to come to the show. We did an angel mission in a soup kitchen for homeless women. Then after we all went bowling and took pictures and sanged Trey's songs!! Then the next night backstage I got to meet Trey! He was so sweet and laid back!! My heart was pounding when I stepped up towards him at first. Then as mins. went by I became more and more comfortable and calm!! I love being an angel, and this experience has really changed my life. I never conversed with this many women ever in my life. Lmaaao! Thanks Trey for the extended family!! Love you to pieces!!

Replied To: Happy Angelversary (Blog)
On: Sep 15, 2012

Love it Trey!!! Everything you do is fire, so every hata better get out the way before they get burned!!!

On: Aug 04, 2012

Lord this man is soo fine!! It should be a crime to look that good!!

On: Jul 07, 2012's picture
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I am an aspiring hairstylist that resides in Chicago. I graduated cosmetology school in Jan. 2011. I am a very laidback, passionate, and loving woman. Music is my life, and with that being said... I can't go a day without listening to Trey Songz' music. I crave his voice, and everytime I hear him day is complete. He is my motivation and his music makes me forget about all that is going wrong. He is a true talent, and he is the only celebrity out there that appreciates his fans just as much as we appreciate him. I love Trey and I am an angel for life!! -Love LoveMeTiLItHurt
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