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Hi, I basically want to ensure trey's tours an events gets updated regularly. As TreysAngels ultimately we should be the first to know. The iPhone app needs to be updated efficiently because Angels all over the world use this ad a form of communication amongst other Angels.
I'm from London and if trey is assumed to be arriving here I get crazy an start looking for links for any indication but seriously that sort of information should be first visa me here especially to ensure that it is official. Well that's all for now. Big massive shout out to all Treys Angels follow me on twitter i follow back @officialmisstee Thank you Miss Tee xx

On: May 11, 2012
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On: Apr 29, 2011
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Young talented female, with an intense passsion for trey songz, music and just his humble presence. cant wait to meet him one day. hopefully soon Love to all my fellow trey angels xxx
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