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I wished you lived closer too Shelley! I haven't seen or spoken to you in forever! How is everything?

Replied To: Chicago Mission ()
On: Oct 14, 2013

Thank you Sis! I was just trying to spark a little conversation. I really appreciate you ladies for taking part. They do look so beautiful together! I wish I could be a fly on the wall while they're together...on second thought...I may get porn. *Thinks* Although...I'm not opposed to porn. Lol

On: Feb 07, 2013

Yes @Efreeman!!! I just wanted to have a little conversation...didn't know it was gonna bite me in the a$$. Well I appreciate all of you who shared in the convo! And I agree with you, they both should focus on their music career and this luxurious life they're living...all the women/men, the money, the cars, the parties, etc. They should just have some fun and when its all out their system, come back together & get married. They vibe very well off of each other--like they have a great sense of humor together. You need someone who makes you laugh. I am pulling for them later on in life.

On: Feb 07, 2013

First of all @ASH_25 the purpose of this was simply to spark a conversation. If you don't want to converse, then leave my post!

I have a life. It just so happened that work was extremely slow for the last hour & I was surfing the latest news on entertainment & came across a Lauren London interview. It's obvious that you are not a Trey Songz fan...why you're here goes to show that YOU have no life and furthermore you're just stupid. For you to think that "child support" solely means the courts get involved is just ignorant. Child support means exactly that...he supports his children. Lil' Wayne has been said by all his babies mothers that he's a good father. That means he takes care of them financially (paying support) and he spends time with them.So how about you grow up! And please know, I am a writer. Therefore, you will know when I'm expressing an opinion and when I'm giving you facts. I paraphrased on facts & told you what I thought. You don't have to agree, but please don't insult me by belittling my post. Bitch bye!

On: Dec 28, 2012

I know exactly how you feel honey. My birthday was 12/12 and I bought V.I.P. tickets as a gift to myself. I was so excited to see him for my birthday. I went ahead and bought tickets for the Chicago concert but VIP was already sold out. It definitely wasn't what I planned for my birthday but I just made the best out of a not so satisfactory situation. I too was surprised that Trey didn't mention anything about it but as busy as he was, I tried to understand. I still enjoyed the show...just hate I didn't get my birthday picture, hug, & kiss from him. I learned my lesson...Chicago never has a problem with ticket sells, so I will buy mine in Chicago from now on. I live in Chicago & only bought the ones for Milwaukee because the venue is smaller & you feel closer to Trey. Plus I usually go to Trey concerts with my friend who lives 20 minutes from Milwaukee, so we go with whichever location has the better seats. We were in the 2nd row in Milwaukee, but in Chicago I got Platinum tickets & was in the 3rd row, so it worked out alright. He'll just owe me a big hug the next time I see him. I understand your frustration...just let it roll right off your shoulders. Trey loves us & he never means to disappoint.

On: Dec 28, 2012
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