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You live for to make and live with YOUR decisions. Life is not always about pleasing others. Why anyone else would care is beyond me. It's your body. I wouldn't worry about them if I were you. We all make different decisions, but we should respect other peoples' decisions as long as it does not negatively affect someone else. Your tattoo harms no one. Forget them! Do you!

On: Apr 17, 2012

@ItsTrigga_Nigga I just followed you too.

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On: Apr 17, 2012

I live in Chicago. I just followed you. Follow back @GimmeUnusual

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On: Apr 17, 2012

While I enjoy seeing Trey perform, one or two concerts a year is sufficient. When I see people going to multiple concerts in a very short period of time, they begin to turn from fan to fanatic in my eyes. Moderation is the key. No I would not follow Trey around the world. If he is not doing a concert in my city or nearby, then chances are I will not be attending that concert. On rare occasions I will see him far away - such as an already planned vacation in a city that he will be in (that has happened). I was in New Orleans visiting my parents last year during Essence weekend and he was performing for Essence. I didn't go for him but to visit my family. I didn't even buy the ticket until two days before the concert. Some of my Angel sisters have also discussed meeting up in a city to attend the Chapter V concert together. That is another time I will travel but its a vacation with sisters combined with the concert. That is probably the only time I would travel to see Trey.

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On: Apr 12, 2012

@Sis - This is my new favorite Trey story as I have told you once before. You did an extremely wonderful job with this story and I loved, loved, loved crazy Trey! I can't wait for your book!

On: Apr 10, 2012
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