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trinaa33 WiseAngel


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Replied To: STAR ANGEL (Blog)
On: Jan 11, 2012

Yay, Im happy for you chica! @JESUSISMYSAVIOR

Replied To: Angel Pin ()
On: Dec 27, 2011

So I got my angel pin today!!!!!!!!

Replied To: Angel Pin ()
On: Dec 24, 2011

Ok thank you @oneshadowlove.

Replied To: Angel Pin ()
On: Dec 14, 2011

LOL! Ok thanks sis!

Replied To: Angel Pin ()
On: Dec 14, 2011
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trinaa33 #WiseAngel
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All you need to know about me is, I shoot straight from the hip! If you don't know what I mean: Well basically I tell it like it is, I am very honest. But also very loving. You can follow me at @MyKITTY_Meows.
United States
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