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Replied To: LUCKY LADY (Blog)
On: Mar 25, 2011

yes i would! can u imagine all the media behind him havin a girlfirend!! prob keepin it quiet till we both found how serious were was about each other would be a good idea! ... for trey to have a girlfriend would be a massive deal ,and the media and public wud put so much pressure on the relationship!.. and if he wanted to keep 1 thing a secret in his life and that thing was me! well thats a bonus!!! dont u think! ;-)
dont think id like him to tell me were to go and wat to do!.. but if the public was to know bout us well it wud prob make sense to listen to that!.. to a certain extent anyways!

On: Mar 20, 2011
Replied To: ANNIVERSARY (Blog)
On: Mar 20, 2011
Replied To: I Invented Sex (Video)
On: Mar 11, 2011
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I'm 23 and live in manchester in the uk! RnB is the best!!.. And trey songz is producing the best RnB by far!!! im a big fan! :-) i have seen him live once and is seeing him again sooon!!!!!! soo excited!!!!!!!!! oh and iv got my angel name! - #complimentaryAngel.... LOVE IT!
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