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Oops I ran out of room- I have spent hours and hours on youtube watching videos of your interviews and songs, at some interviews I have been crying for the simple fact that your so inspiration and so dedicated to what you do! I was recently at work and served a customer that was in love with you as well we was there for 30 minutes talking about you until the point I got in trouble and had to get back to work! I somehow everyday bring you up in conversation with someone either my family or a stranger even if I hear you from someone elses speakers I tap them then we end up in deep conversation about you. I am even planning on getting your wings tattoed on my back. Trey I really just want you to know that everything you do has a big effect on me and I just wish I could express that to you! I just wish I could win this opportunity as it is a life changing experience. I think even when im older I still think I will have a passion. I will even sit and talk to my children (when I have some) about the "crush" I had on you. I would also try and guide them in life and hope they would turn out like you once they have grown. Also to see the way you are with your mum is so touching as you can see the love and connection without even having to speak it is so amazing and she is such a lucky woman to have a son like you! I was up from the morning once at 5am trying to get tickets to come to your tour in America, but unfortunately they were all sold out! I would travel to the other side of the universe just to see you! I know I am up against a lot of competition and I do hope I will be given this chance to meet you and see the real Trey in person. I know you must hear this "I love you Trey, You mean so much to me" all the time, but Trey I really do mean it and it's not just a thing to say because I wanna be a groupie, its right from the bottom of my heart. I mean it! I even was promoting you out in Turkey a few weeks ago they love you and the music!! Much love your angel

On: Aug 13, 2012

I eat sleep and breathe Trey. When I listen to your music it always puts me in a place that I dont feel when listening to other artisits, your words and the things you sing about are so inspirational and touching. When I have had a bad day I just sit and listen to you and your voice and always puts me in a much better place and makes me think of how lucky I am to support and have so much love for an artist like you!! From back in the day when you have first come about until now you have come a long way as soon as I first hear "Missing You" I was blown away, everyday since I have supported you I have fell in love with you more and more not just for your looks but the passion you have for the things you do and mainly your voice, even when people say things about you I always sit there and fight back and make my point clear why people should love, respect and support you! Your such a lovely man and so humble. I qued for hours and hours to be at the front row of your tour back in April last year at hammersmith and it was the best thing I have ever qued for I cried and cried and didnt stop crying even when the show has finished sang every song word for word. I really want to meet you and ask you things about your career and life find out more about the aritist I have such passion and love for. Your transitions from "Just Gotta Make It" to "Trey Day" to "Passion Pain Pleasure" to "Chapter V" are amazing, I am counting down the days for Chapter V I know it will be breath taking and worth the wait. I tweet you constantly everyday and you might not notice me but I will never give up on you just because I haven't had a tweet or a follow you might not even see my tweets, but I am just there to support you and love the things you do! I wish you could understand the passion and love I have for you. I wake up every morning to see you on my wall I have about 5 posters! Thank you for being an amazing artisit to support and being so inspirational thank you for this oppourtunity

On: Aug 13, 2012

who do i enter?

Replied To: UK Angels - check this out (Blog)
On: Jun 19, 2012

u got twitter

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On: May 13, 2012

I am a new angel and I would love to meet someone that has been a angel for a while now, so I can understand abit about what goes on. Im from London and would love a new friend :) @zobo_ox ask for the BB pin

On: Apr 08, 2012
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I am 17 years old and live in the UK. Ive loved Trey ever since a young age and my dream is too one day offically meet him in person!
Dance, swim, sing, shopping, being with friends
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Id love a tweet on my birthday :)