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Chapter V Review


  • Chapter V Review
    Sep 11, 2012

    It's been a few weeks since the release of Chapter V so you've had some time to let all the songs really sink in.  Now we've gotta know, what songs are your favorites?  Any stand out tracks that have made an impact on you and your life?  Bare all in the comments section below!  Stories that move us may just make their way out of the comments and into a featured news post!

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on Sep 11, 2012 - 11:24AM

It's been a few weeks since the release of Chapter V so you've had some time to let all the songs really sink in.  Now we've gotta know, what songs are your favorites?  Any stand out tracks that have made an impact on you and your life?  Bare all in the comments section below!  Stories that move us may just make their way out of the comments and into a featured news post!


TremaineWife♥'s picture

Well i love all his songs, my favorite was Dive in ♥ cause of his sexy ass mmm :) lol but i can really also conenct to bad decisions because i can really connect to my hubby in that song. But otherwisee ALL his songs are my favorite. <3

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FUMBLE is at the top of my list but my favorites are Bad Decisions, Pretty Girls Lie, Playin' Hard, Panty Wetter for sure lol...Dive In, Simply Amamzing, Check me out, Hail Mary hell the whole damn album lol. All of these songs have very strong meanings and I'm sure every woman out there has been through or experienced what he is singing about what I get from this album is a little bit of everything LOVE, PAIN, PLEASURE, HAPPINESS, JOY and COMMITMENT this is one of the most genius albums I've heard in a long time and I LOVE music it's in my heart ever since I was a little girl. I have not stopped listening to Chapter V since it dropped on 8/21/12 I mean his songs are on repeat I don't just listen to that album I listen to all his albums. He is an unique artist very talented and dedicated to not only his work but his fans too and not alot of artist are like that they say it but Trey shows it you gotta love and respect a person like that. He makes women out there who don't know their WORTH think about it when you listen to his music because every woman deserves to be happy, loved, respected and most of all treated like the QUEEN that they are you have to love yourself to know that you deserve that I do and just want say thank you for everything and special THANKS to Ms. April Tucker for bringing such a beautiful angel into the world and sharing him with us....Love you Tremaine Aldon Neverson!!!!

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Fumble is my Ultimate Favorite and i love the beat and i also love panty wetter,Hail Mary,Dont be scared and Check Me Out.

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I love this Cd, it's kind of hard for me to say which CD of his is my favorite since I Still listen to songs from all of his CDs everyday. But on this Cd, the songs that are constantly stuck in my head are The Chapter V Intro (lol dont ask me why), Dive In, Panty Wetter, Don't Be Scared, Bad Decisions, Inside Interlude (I ALWAYS think he should have made those whole songs), Fumble and Without A Woman. The Songs I HAVE to listen to daily are Fumble, Without A Woman & Don't Be Scared. ok! Would it be crazy of me to just say I love this whole album lol I listen to it cover to cover at LEAST 3 times a day. Don't Be Scared reminded me of this guy I was talkin to, because of some of the stuff that Trey said in the song, he said to so I kind of chuckle everytime I listen to that song.

Songz First Lady's picture

Top 5 Are Fumble, Playin Hard, Heart Attack, Panty Wetter & Dive In. The Song That Sticks Out The Most To Me Is Fumble. I Remember When I First Heard Fumble, I Immediately Fell In Love With That Song. I Know I Stopped & Played That Song At Least 10 Times Before Moving On To The Next Song. It's Like Trey Was Speaking Directly To Me In Fumble. We've All At Some Point In Time Had Someone Fumble Our Heart. From Trey's Vocals, To The Words, To The Beat; Fumble Is Just An Amazing Song! But Of Course I Loved The Whole Album! Thank You Trey, You've Done It Again!

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My FAVORITE song on Chapter V is "Fumble". I can relate to the song. When I first listened to it I literally had tears rolling down my cheeks. The lyrics are sooooo true. I kept listening to it over and over again. That song helps me get through. My next favorite one is "Without a Woman" Trey sang his butt off on this song and yo can feel the pain & passion in his voice when he's singing it. I LOVE the whole album's my favorite album out of all five.

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At first, I listened to "Playin' Hard" over & over again. It's something about it that just takes me back. It has a 90s kinda feel to it. I love it!! Then "Without a Woman" was my next favorite because Trey sang the hell outta that song & I love the lyrics. "Pretty Girl's Lie" & "Forever Yours" are what I'm on right now but they had to grow on me. Now I can't get enough of them. & last but certainly not least, I just have to say that the extended version of Chapter V just blows my mind. I had the iTunes version so I hadn't heard it. Me & my homegirl were riding around one day in her car & I heard it on her CD. I was thinking it was just the CD starting over & was wishing Trey had made a whole song out of it. Needless to say, when the song kept going I almost lost it!! I can't even begin to explain how much I love that song. It just pulls me in. I get goosebumps & everything. lol I like the others too but the ones I named are my favorite by far. When "Ready" came out, that's all I listened to for a whole year. That's when I became an absolute Trey fan. This CD is another "Ready" for me, I swear. It can't get any better, but then again, this is Trey we're talking about. Keep 'em coming!! :-)

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I play Fumble over and over again. Really love that song! I've been enjoying this cd.Wishing much more success to you. I can honestly say Trey is the only artist I'm a fan of.

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I absoulutely LOVE Fumble, Without a Woman, Hail Mary, Forever Yours, and Playing Hard. Each Album that Trey has made always has a story behind it and this is why i support Trey not only as a person but as an artist. Trey is a wonderful person and understands and appreciates all of his Angels.

Jessica Servin's picture

have to say every album gets better and better. Trey you are doing it I very much appreciate good music that you are putting for all to hear. Chapter V is by for my most favorite album right now. Fumble, Without A Woman, Never Again my most favorite songs i can connect with them and have gone through most of what the words say.. Over all Trey is just a great performer great artist, great person all around... im such a huge fan and can not wait to get to hear all his good music live again concert NUMBER 5!!! IM SO READY!!!!!

<3 you Trey

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Forever yours, without a woman, div in

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my fav's is forever yours,panty wetter,check me out those are played everyday !!!

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I would have to say that the song that moved me the most was Fumble, why because its so true, and it makes a woman who has been through this wish that her man was man enough to stand up and say it all just as Trey did.... Bravo Trey Bravo... Love ya :-)

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Fumble is definitely my favorite, but next in line is bad decisions and almost lose it!

ILoveTremaine_12's picture

My favorite song is playing hard

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I have been a fan of Trey Songz and have all of his cds. Two of Chapter V. One for the car and one for the house. My favorites are Fumble, Forever Yours, Don't u be scared, Check me out, Never Again and Panty Wetter! But he never made a cd that was not good. My personal favorite cd is Just Gotta Make It!'s picture

I think that Chapter V is the best album Trey Songz has put out. I love them all. I would have to say my favorite song is "Simply Amazing. I remember the 1st time I saw Trey Songz on TV and knew who he was I said that young man is just amazing. And now for him to have song in titled Simply Amazing blows my mind. When I listen to Chapter V is one of those album I can listen to from start to end and never get tired of it. Trey you did your thing with Chapter V and it is great! Looking forward to what is to come.

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I love Fumble and Almost lose it ... Really touches me love the entire album

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I love the entire album!

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my fave's are playin hard, forever yours and without a woman, this album is simply amazing. lol

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"Simply Amazing" is my absolute favorite from the Chapter! My second fave is 2 Reasons...I know I shouldn't but...LOL

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Chapter V (listening to it right now) is amazing. The album is unbelievable great it's hard to say that I have favorites, Chapter V is just amazing i can make love to, dance, cry and just enjoy to the album. I love being a Trey's Angel and part of Team Songz family

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I have to say that my favorite song off the album is "Fumble". When I first heard the album I thought, how can I even pick a favorite? I quickly began to realize that the one song I absolutely couldn't listen to only once was "Fumble." It has so much meaning, it is so real and something many people can relate to on either side of the situation. second favorite would have to be chapter V, that song just takes me somewhere else.

charity24's picture

Another one of my favorites is Never Again I love that song it makes me think about my husband He cheated on me and left me and my kids We have been separated for a few years now and wont ever be geting back together He did some awful things to me and my kids And never again will we be together When I hear the song Never Again It makes me think that eventhough I am so hurt the the way he treated are family In my heart It still hurts That I will never feel his touch again Or feel hid arms around me Or just feel the love we use to share When I hear that song it makes me sad but also makes me happy and wanna dance because Trey is singing it lol Trey has a way of puting things into words that its sometimes hard to express I feel like in this song he is saying we will never been together again and that hurts I wish things would of worked out differently but that didnt and thats ok I will be ok and I hope you are to I love this song It speakes to my heart And helps me think about a bad time in my life and be able to smile about it because Trey is singing Thats all I can do when he sings :)

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I love Chapter V There are a few songs that are my favorite one of them is Without A Woman I love that song and it makes me wanna cry when I listen to it because Its so true I feel like some guys take for grant what that special woman or whatever woman in there life does for them and how much there life would be different without them I think when guys here that song it makes them stop and think damn where would I be without her It makes them thank about something they wouldnt always think about because they take for grant and think that she will always be there There are serveal reasons why I love that song It really speaks to my heart and I think it peaks to guys hearts to and hopefully makes them treat there girlfriend or mother or whoever the woman is in there life that they cant do without

Treys_Angel_19♥'s picture

I do not listen to just one of the songs off the album. I HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE WHOLE THING!!!! The album is NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING!! I am honored to call myself a TREYS ANGEL & greatful to support a man and a team that is more then AMAZING(:

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I been listening to Chapter V ever since it was available to listen to on I tunes before it came out. By the way I thought that was great to do that. I love every song on this album and is still listening to it everyday since it came out. I kind of feel guilty listening to other songs before listening to Trey first. My favorites are Dive In, Bad Decisions,Heart Attack, 2 Reasons,Forever yours,Panty Wetter and Fumble. I like Fumble because I have been in a situation where the guy fumbled my heart and I did everything he asked me to. So that taught me a lesson and I moved on. I like Never Again and I love Without a Women and Simply Amazing because I wish I could meet someone like you. I love your passion and drive for the music you make and it makes me feel better when I'm going through some things when I listen to you sing. I love the rest of the songs on the album that I did not name including Almost lose it. When I listen to a song I listen to the beat then the lyrics. When I listen to you I love the lyrics you put to the beat which adds a bonus and makes the song even more meaningful.I think you are "Simply Amazing" and I will Always Love you. I fell in love with you all over again when you made this album and I appreciate you for that.Thank you, Love your Angel for life.