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In Loving Memory...


Trey's Angels Team's picture
on Apr 23, 2012 - 02:16PM

The Angels lost one of our own last week.
We post this video in loving memory...


Her online tribute wall can be found here:

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Danielle's family and friends.  You will be missed...



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RIP Danielle Look Down On The Rest Of Us Angels . Even Though I Didn't Know You I Know That You Had A Big Wonderful Heart. SMH This Video Made Me Super Emotional . <3 <3 :'(

nashira_morganskinner's picture

rest in peace danielle you'll have eternal peace now in heaven's picture

Wow I am deeply srry to Danielle's Family it is never good to lose an Angel from the batch. But shes happier now she's with god and she's some where she doesn't have to deal with the pain and hurt anymore. I will keep Danielle her family and all my the angels in my prays. May Danielle Rest In Peace ♥

tastyeyecandy23's picture

Its never a good feeling when u lose a fellow angel but she is in a good place now may God shelter her with his wings as she's off to a better place now R.I.P danielle u will be missed

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She was an Angel on earth, now she's an Angel in Heaven. RIP Danielle

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i sang this song at school for a choir concert and all i could think about was my dad and i cried. hearing it again just brings even more tears to my eyes than the pictures of danielle. #RIPDanielle gone but never forgotten

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Awwwww. I hope she rests in peace

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

RIP Danielle!

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i miss you Danielle. may you rest in peace :)'s picture

Miss you sis,still in our hearts always as an Angel for life #R.I.P Danielle

mzgorgeousglam's picture

RIP Danielle. This was so touching an amazing. I didn't have a chance to know you but I can tell you had a heart of gold. You will be missed angel sister. Now spread your beautiful wings & fly

MissMartina_x's picture

RIP Danielle. You've got your real set of wings now!

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R.I.P Danielle. That farewell video is beautiful

Amanda Cano's picture

RIP danielle </3's picture

R.I.P Danielle

Essence711's picture

R.I.P. Danielle

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Thats Deep ... may your Soul Rest In Peace

JesusIsMySavior's picture

R.I.P. Danielle!

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Rest In Peace Danielle.

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Even though I didn't know Danielle personally, this really hits home because it shows all of us that one day you can be here and the next day gone! I so admire Trey and Treys Angels, because you basically showed me that this is a "Family" and they do their best to help people no matter how near or far they get together and get it done. I see Trey different because he took Danielle's death personal! What artist do any of us know that does that? She was not just a fan to him, she was his Angel (getting choked up) and I say Kudos to Trey and all of Treys Angels who have went above and beyond not only for Danielle, but for all of the Angels. May God continue to bless Trey and Treys Angels. RIP Danielle XOXO

Trey&#039;s P.Y.T.'s picture

this was so sweet a great memory to keep. RIP Angel sista you will be forever in our thoughts #RIPDANIELLE

SexySagLuvSongz's picture

Awwwww....this is too sweet!! Very nice tribute video with the perfect songs. *got me crying at work* #RIPDanielle

xoSammie_2's picture

RIP Danielle

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Thank you all for your beautiful and kind words im glad i was able to create something that was just a glimpse of who Danielle was. To me she was the most sweetest, funniest, loving, caring and amazing person it was a blessing to have had her in my life and as a sister but it was an honor to have known her and i thank god, her family and Trey for they were the reason she was in my life and its very had right now but i know in time god will give not only me the strength but her family and those who knew her best he will also heal these wounds of pain. But im happy for her for she is back at home now where an angel in heaven is what she was meant to be. i will truly miss her and cherish all the moments we had's picture

That was a beautiful tribute, it shows who she was and how much she was truly loved. I really love
L A N A'S comment. What a beautiful and comforting message, so well said. My heart goes out to her family and friends who knew her and got to share laughs and memories with her. RIP Danielle

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still hard to believe ur gone, waiting for that text from you...REST IN PEACE SIS

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Rip Danielle

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Such a beautiful tribute for such a beautiful Angel... R.I.P Danielle's picture

RIP Danielle May your soul rest in eternal perfect peace. And may God comfort your loved ones during this difficult time.