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Trey Songz Performs at ASU Homecoming Concert

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on September 26, 2009 - 2:19pm


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Kerii Jackson's picture

Trey iiz lyke mii favorite singer ever ii dont kow wat 2 say iim speechless
Princess_kk19's picture

Thats was great performance trey as usual, keep strong (GOD BLESS!!!)
PrettyGurl24's picture

Oh I forgot something sya it with me Trey Yupp!!!!!!
PrettyGurl24's picture

I am a very calm cool and collected girl but Trey you made me go CRAZY at your concert. I loved your performance and hope you grace us with your presences again next homecoming you made it one the best Homecoming ever!!!! Love you Mr. Songz :)
Janair_2's picture

man if u had came to my school's homecoming Northland Vikings i wud've went 2 homecoming cuz my friends was like it went hard.
Cashmere069's picture

wwhhoaaaaaaaaaa! that's all i could say...luv u trey
Oshie's picture

I loved evey bit of the concert we had for our homcoming. Being at the concert made me like Trey and his music so muc more. That was my first concert and definitely not my last... I love you Trey Songz!!!
Jay Dee's picture

Darn it, I want to see Trey Songz in concert again!! He is an amazing artist...
MrsEducated's picture

I missed this opportunity to see Trey, so now I will have to check him out on the BET Tour! Since I'm a new fan, I have to buy the other two albums. Follow me on Twitter Trey!!!!! New fans deserve love too!
ASU Tennis Chick's picture

I'm so mad he came to my school but tickets were sold out like as soon as they went on sale...ASU did it big for us on homecoming, i must give them their props!
Tremaine's Jamaican_Beauty's picture

when you coming to florida!!!!!!!!!
lilymichelle's picture

Homecoming concert, eh? Atlanta is like my second home, that I will live in one day. I love how you're in Atlanta on all the important dates in my my nephews first birthday is in october, & youre in Atlanta then too!

i would go crazy if he came to my school i would be super happy.
Layna_YUUUP's picture

OMG is so HOT....I guess this is a preview of what im gonna see when he comes to Detroit.... OMG cant wait


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